Camping Sleeping Pad

Camping Sleeping Pad

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If you're travelling a lot, you know how both the terrains of nature and life change unexpectedly. After all what's the point of being alive if everything is the Same. Some of us are truly exiting from the Matrix.


The very life force inside you craves the variety, craves the every essence of experiences and life outside, craves an adventure, craves to connect with nature as our roots date back millions of years.


But not everywhere you'll get a flatland to camp your tent without any rough stones poking you harshly when you go to sleep. Hence, for the ever changing terrain and your necessary good night sleep everyday, this Inflatable Camping Bed kind of solves this problem forever.


This bed comes with an Inflator (Air Bag), simply attached to it the nozzle of bed, roll the stick, the bed gets puffy and you're good to go (oh sorry, 'Sleep'). Comes with portable bag to carry, and also the bed has pillows.


  • Both 1 & 2 Person available.
  • 1 person bed size about: 195cm*59cm*6.5cm
  • 2 person bed size about:200cm*120cm*6.5cm
  • Weight: 1 person bed about 630g
  • 2 person bed about 1040g
  • air bag about 100g
  • Material: Nylon and TPU


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